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  • Make a Strong Foundation!

    Make a Strong Foundation! A Collaborative Training Environment : What’s better than advanced learning? How about advanced learning in a team environment? Cyber Chess Academy's Collaborative Training and Practice Environment or TPE, as the cool kids call it-is our very own modern education system that enables top players to interact with students. Read more
  • Play Tournaments!

    "Champions are not the ones who always win races - champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time. And even harder the next time"  Simon Sinek Cyber Chess Academy encourages and supports students to participate in tournaments and analyse their games for improvements.   Read more
  • Subscribe for online classes!

    Connect with the perfect tutor, anytime 24/7 Never get stuck on any chess puzzle/Opening again. Cyber Chess Academy has awesome tutors instantly available around the clock. Read more
  • Student Activities

     Have fun and make new friends by participating in the numerous student activities that Cyber Chess Academy offers! You can play Blitz, Supply, Individual and Team events besides getting exposure from various theme tournaments.Work out the thousands of puzzles and play with fellow Juniors on simuls all for a great fun!!       Read more
  • Beginners Courses

    Our Program Cyber Chess Academy has built a special program whereby it will build a solid foundation for the students and enable them to Master the basics and rise to the level of being proficient tournament players.  Our Program is well tested and produced many outstanding players. Read more
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Online Training

  • Online Training

Our approach to learning Chess builds the skills, habits and attitudes in a child which it needs to experience success now, and for years to come. We've carefully designed our online learning programs so that every student benefit from this opportunity. Personalized instruction, supplemented by constant one to one game practise, is the key to helping your child build confidence, stay motivated and experience success!.

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It has been a Wonderful Experience! Chaitanya

The only Academy in India which teaches all round game Ajit Kotia

Meeting all my Sons requirements Srinivas

Cant believe their prices are so low! Mark

The Best Academy Vera Nebolsina

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